Tinting Ipswich and surrounding areas since 1998


Bremer Tints was founded in 1998 and is one of the most reputable Tinters in Ipswich. We are an authorised seller of SunTek films which are currently one of the best on the market. All SunTek Window Films are exclusively manufactured in the United States at a world-class facility in Martinsville, Virginia. The parent company of Suntek is Kodak Eastman, who produce the industry leading camera films. the All Suntek films come with a life time warranty. Bremer Tints Specialises in, Commercial, Residential and Automotive Window Tinting. We also do Signs and Designs, check out the Bremer Signs website for more information. This website is designed to give you a basic insight into our services. we encourage you to phone us on 3812 1788 so we can provide you with information regarding all glass Tinting….Meanwhile feel free to look around our website.


With nearly 20 years experience in the tint industry Bremer tints offers a wide range of films and expertise. The Tint industry has a lot of ‘dodgy’ shops that offer cheaper films which over a short time will fade and bubble, meaning that it would need to be removed and done again. Bremer Tints guarantees that you get what you pay for with our wide range of films and expertise, we’ll even back our work up with a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a true lifetime warranty for our Suntek window products, so you know your investment will be protected for life. This includes all forms of installation!

Heat Reduction

Window tint will reflect 99.9% of harmful UV rays which the sun produces, that means that the temperature inside of the tinted area will be cooler.

Privacy and Security

Another great feature of window tint is it’s great for creating privacy which can help prevent theft and make you feel safer in your home, car or business.

Reduced Power Bills

With tinted windows you will reduce strain on your air conditioning which will significantly reduce your power bill which will save you money.


  • Bremer Tints tinted our house back in 2004 and it still looked brand new after we moved out of it in 2015. We are getting them to tint our new house once we get settled.Sue G - Blackstone
  • Bill at Bremer Signs and Bremer Tints updated the signage for our shop we noticed within a week the increase of customers. We got them to tint our windows to stop the afternoon sun and that made a huge difference, our customers now feel alot more comfortable. Next thing we are getting them to do is wrap our car.Tim P - Goodna
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